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C++ a must to know language for all the aspiring software developers. It introduces the very basic concepts of programming. Many of the latest technologies are based on C++. Learning C++ is like exploring a new world which will set forth the path for further technologies. One can do software development, game development and what not with C++.

The C++ training offered by Virtual Assets, is designed and delivered by professionals with an industry experience exceeding 7 years. So our team knows how to explain a topic with relative examples. This way we make our student’s journey of learning this very prime language a fun.

We also offer a free demo class to students, so they can get some confidence in us, before starting with the course. We have attached course syllabus below, to get you an idea as what all we are offering. Connect with us for any further details our team will be happy to resolve any queries.
Online training for students and professionals
C++ Novice to expert

Module Includes

Basics of C++
Modifier Types
Auto Storage
Register Storage
Extern Storage
Mutable Storage
Classes and object
Abstraction and Encapsulation
Friend Function And Friend Class
Type Casting
Preprocessor Directives
Smart Pointers
Standard template Library

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