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Job posting service from Virtual Assets, is a add on service to Recruitment Services. We put job requirements on behalf of our clients on our portal and many related groups and websites, other than regular job portals. This way we get more unique candidate profiles for the job role. Those profile are then filtered and processed for recruitment, if client has opted for Recruitment Service, else the profiles are directly shared with the client without any screening.

With job postings we do will also act as a way of promotion for small and mid-sized companies, as our clients may get more visitors on their own portal. This may increase the visibility of their portal in search engines.
Jobs Postings and recruitment for companies

Advantages of listing jobs on our site

As we have mentioned that we provide end to end recruitments services too for our clients. To provide candidates for job role we don't only go with job portals, but search candidates from our team referrals. So chance of getting stable and dedicated candidates are higher with us.

Quick Responses
As hiring is done from our known resources the time to finalize a candidate is less.

Stable and Committed Workforce
Candidates we refer will generally stay in organizations for longer time duration.

The job postings that we do on behalf of our clients is very affordable.

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