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Recruitment services

Search for a right candidate who has technical expertise and experience for the job role, and also willing to comply with the organizations ethics can be cumbersome process sometime. Recruitment process can take much of time for small and medium scale businesses, due to mismatch of expectations of candidates and the proposal from organization. Most of the time even hiring from famous job portals is not efficient as there will be many companies who would be targeting same candidate with better offers.

Recruitment services from Virtual Assets helps in finalizing right candidate for clients. We take candidates from our candidate database, conduct interviews based on job description shared with us, check if candidate complies with all the requirements from company and then only forward the resumes to the concerned HR team for any further interview process.
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Our recruitment service advantages

Any specific process for the recruitment service opted can be updated to us, so we can take care for same while interviewing the candidates for client.

As we are new in the market the charges of our recruitment service are far less than the other recruiters. We assure that the parties, candidate and the company, are satisfied to fullest after the completion of recruitment process. We are keen to provide such candidates who prepared enough to start contributing to the project in no time.

Faster Responses
All the hiring done from close resources so the time frame of hiring a candidate is lesser.

The recruitment process charges taken by Virtual Assets are less than the other competitors in the market.

If any specific process has to be opted for job role, we are happy to follow same based on clients inputs.

Steady Workforce
Candidates whom we hire will generally stay for longer time in the organization this will give stability to the teams.

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