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There are many available systems that allow businesses to manage customer relationships endlessly. These are basically known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Salesforce is once such CRM which is leading in industry for many years. Salesforce provides unity across marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams from anywhere so that businesses can connect with customers, partners and potentials customers easily.

One of the best reasons of Salesforce popularity is that it is contain with many features like no other CRM software contain and these features like contact management, task management, workflow creation opportunity tracking, collaboration tools and various reporting mechanism.

Along with these features, there are features designed for digital marketers like social media integration, email integration and marketing lead monitoring.

Develop CRM with Saleforces capabilities

Virtual Assets with its core team is capable to deliver and manage any sort of Salesforce development. We can integrate Salesforce with your existing system or off premise systems. We can also develop customer facing websites which will be integrated with Salesforce. This way customers will get an experience of using a traditional website, while we still capture related data in the backend. Our team will help to unlock all the potential of Salesforce.

Salesforce can be integrated with any existing application easily.

Salesforce increases the productivity by using enhanced collaboration between teams and better information sharing tools.

With forecasting capability from Salesforce it is easier for sales team to get and insight and plan accordingly.

Multiple reports on various parameters can be generated which will help in getting details on the performance of organization.

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