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Technical Partnership

Tech partnership is a service offered by Virtual Assets, for the clients who are in need for having a IT team, but find it difficult due to affordability or having NON-IT background. Hiring a complete IT staff and monitoring the work routine can be really painful for small scale business. This will not only impose additional charges for running the business but also require time and efforts. Thus it may not be wise always to hire a complete IT team.

Virtual Asset will add value to your business, by becoming a technical partner on a contractual basis, where we will take care of all your related IT needs. And you will be free to focus on your core business strengths and strategies.
Tech partnerships for project or module

Technical partnership advantages

We will be able to develop and maintain the entire required IT infrastructure for your business, and enhance as per requirements. We will train on the technical part of the project and hand over all code and related details with client at the end of contract period.

Tech partnership service from Virtual Assets will prove to be a cutting edge advantage over other similar business. Being a tech partner with us can save lot of hassle of having and managing a complete IT team.

Smaller Team Size
As we will take care for all the IT work for client, there will be no need to hire a dedicated IT team.

It will be less costlier than hiring and paying full time employees.

Data Security
Data and all sensitive information will still be lying with client portal, so there will be no misuse of data.

As the tech partnerships will be contractual, so after completion of contract client is free to choose another tech partner.

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