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Asp.net- Introduction

What is Asp.net

ASP.Net is a web Application provided by the Microsoft. It is used for creating web-based applications. ASP.Net was first released in the year 2002. The full form of ASP is Active Server Pages, and .NET is Network Enabled Technologies.

ASP.NET application codes can be written in any of the below languages like

  1. C#
  2. VB.net
  3. J#
  4. C++

Asp.net is design to work with HTTP protocol. This is the standard protocol used across all web applications.

ASP.Net Architecture and Component

ASP.Net is a framework which is used to develop the Web application. The basic architecture of the ASP.Net framework is as shown below.

The architecture of the.Net framework is based on the following key components

  1. Library – The .NET Framework includes a set of standard class libraries. The web library has all the necessary components used to develop.Net web-based applications.
  2. Language – .net Framework provide many languages like C#,VB.net F# etc.
  3. Common Language Runtime – CLR is used to make Managed code , and manage code is used to take care of garbage collection in asp.net