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UI and UX designing is considered as one routine by most of the clients with no difference. But the fact is these two serve entirely different part when it comes to Websites, Web Apps and Mobile Apps development. UI stands for user interface designing, means how the different components of the applications look and appeals to the customer while UX stands for user experience design, means how the things work behind the scenes.

In short UI focuses on the visibility and layout of the site, while UX focuses how easy is the user interaction with the application. They both have their very importance in world and software development. A good UI and UX design will, increase the time that a user spends on a portal or app, and so chances of doing better business are there.
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UI and UX designing by Virtual Assets

We have developing websites and mobiles apps for clients from different business domains. Our team is capable to understand and deliver best suited UI and UX for varying domain needs. All UI and UX design is done with close involvement of clients, so the end product is in line with the user base our client is willing to target.

Faster Loading Applications
With UI and UX done properly, the applications will load faster and respond quickly to customer interactions.

Better Customer Engagement
Customers finds a website or application very engaging and easy to use with better UI and UX in place.

More Traffic and Leads
With better UI and UX chances of getting more potential customers and lead generation becomes higher.

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