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Website and Portal Management

Maintenance and enhancement of portal features

Manage website and portals with us

Website and portal management is special category of service, where our team will assist the client to manage and enhance the existing portal that they are using. We have noticed that after the completion and usage of a software project or website, client needs to enhancements in the project modules, or existing modules needs to be optimized, or client needs a tech team to manage the routine work in project. This all will be handled gracefully by our team.

The website and portal management may include daily updates, customers query handling, database management and backups, securing the application or any sort of enhancements, promotions and social media handling etc. Focusing on core business and managing all these tasks can be very distracting.
Website and portal management services

How we manage your website and portal

We offer website and portal management services to our clients where they can be free of all hassle of managing the portal by themselves and can focus on strengthening their business. Timely updates on issues in the portal will be shared and resolved before they make any havoc in the business. We ensure that no data leak is done while we take the responsibility of managing the portal. We wish to grow with our clients.

Timely Updates
All business related information is kept updated in the portal on time.

Regular Reporting
Clients gets update of any issues that may be hindering the portal performance.

Bug Removal
Our team will take care of bugs in the system and keep resolving them.

Features Enhancements
With the inputs from client, our team will take care for the feature addition and enhancements in the portal.

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